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Universitatea BucThe University of Bucharest is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in Romania, hence it bears the responsibility and the duty to be a pioneer and a model of academic integrity. In its 150 years of existence, the University of Bucharest has gained a solid national and international prestige, being the first Romanian academic institution in the QS World University Rankings and also the first in the Romanian University Rankings conducted by MECTS in 2011. The University of Bucharest is a leading academic centre and a significant point of reference in society, and it adheres to the principles of academic integrity and critical thinking. The University of Bucharest is one of the leading higher education institutions in Romania and South-East Europe by actively contributing through advanced research and teaching to the development and use of knowledge. The University of Bucharest offers numerous study programmes, from Bachelor Degrees to PhD programmes, as well as other academic programmes, such as Erasmus and long life learning. The University constantly collaborates with more than 100 prestigious universities from 40 different countries. The degrees granted by the University of Bucharest are recognized in most countries in the world.

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University of Bucharest is guided by four fundamental principles of research and academic education: (i) fundamental and applied research in natural sciences, mathematics, social sciences and humanities; (ii) critical thinking; (iii) non-discriminatory access of students and social inclusion; (iv) public engagement in society.

University of Bucharest, through its 50 institutes, departments and centres of scientific research, is an entity open to initiate, develop and strengthen scientific partnerships with other interested organizations, and it is able to engage both in providing advanced scientific expertise and in successfully addressing and answering a wide variety of research topics in areas such as:

- natural sciences (biology, theoretical and applied chemistry, theoretical and applied physics, Earth sciences);

- mathematics, informatics;

- social sciences (history, human geography, political sciences, sociology);

- humanities (ancient and modern languages, religion, literature, law, philosophy, communication science, etc.).

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Contact person: Antohe Stefan

Adress:  405Atomistilor street CP MG-11, Magurele Ilfov County, RO-077125

Phone: +4021 4574535

Fax: +4021 4574418