U.S. Embassy Announces “Entrepreneur of the Month” Initiative

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U.S. Embassy will award in every month of 2015 an exceptional entrepreneur. Our aim is to highlight entrepreneurs in all sectors of Romania’s economy, across all regions.

“I applaud all of the entrepreneurs working tirelessly in Romania who continue to strive to keep their dreams alive; they are the future of Romania. As Romania continues to grow and develop, it will need entrepreneurs to build new companies, adapt and reform old ones, and lead the country into the future. The Entrepreneur of the Month initiative is our way of recognizing Romania’s amazing entrepreneurs. Our aim is to highlight entrepreneurs in all sectors of Romania’s economy, from Tourism to Agriculture to Health. We will also reach across all regions in this great country for this project, from ecotourism projects in the Carpathians to high tech manufacturers in Iasi,” said U.S. Chargé d’Affaires a.i. Dean Thompson.

Those wishing to participate can do so starting today until November 30, 2015.

Nominations can be sent at RomanianEntrepreneur@state.gov and they must include:

  • Name of Submitter:
  • Contact: (email and phone)
  • City:
  • Name of Entrepreneur: (if different)
  • Contact: (email and phone)
  • City:
  • Type of Business:
  • Year Founded:
  • Website:
  • What makes this entrepreneur/business special or innovative?:(Max. 1,000 characters)
  • How does this entrepreneur contribute to the community/Romania?:(Max. 1,000 characters)

For updates and other information follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/bucharest.usembassy and Twitter @AmbasadaSUA.

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