S.C. OPTOELECTRONICA 2001 SA is a private company with Romanian capital, founded in 2000 as a result of reorganization optical domain. The company has administrative headquarters and production facilities on Atomic Physics Platform – Magurele, where it and operates. The main activity is in research, technological development and innovation in physics, advanced electronics – civil and optoelectronic devices for special applications.
Main research are: research in physics for UV radiation – VIS – IR and X, laser equipment, devices and night vision thermal vision equipment, systems and technologies holographic micro-optics and nano-optical systems Analysis of false documents and biometric systems, medical systems and therapeutic x-ray
Areas of expertise and interest of cooperation: nanotechnologies, laser equipment and devices, forensic equipment, optical testing, X-ray viewing for medical and veterinary.



Supply of products made on the production lines of SC Optoelectronics-2001 SA – Following the capitalization own research – include:

- video analytics for false documents, (ADF10, ADF50), Video Comparators (VDF100, VDF100-M, VDF 300 Minikit False Documents), biometric person identification equipment (SIDI), lasers, holograms high secure equipment vision systems Night, detonation devices – PTH explosive Micro optical components (lenses, reticles microholograme etc.), 3D lenticular images, Storage Control Equipment and traces of explosives (X-Bag, Polilight).

The service offer includes:

Precision machining services on CNC machine tools, micro-machining services with laser CNC machine tools, rapid prototyping services (3D printing), Lasers & Equipment Repair Laser Repair Devices night view, Measurements Thermographic Services Laboratory testing conducted by Laser and optical measurements in the UV-VIS-IR, services performed by private forensic laboratory, nondestructive testing services.


Contact person: Teodor Necsoiu

Str. Atomistilor 409, Bucuresti, Magurele Town, Postal Code 077125

P.O. Box: MG-22

Telephone: +4021 457 4498

Fax: +4021 457 4204

Email:  tnecsoiu@optoel.com

Web:   www.optoel.ro