ROSEALROSEAL Co. Odorheiu Secuiesc is a SME specialized in manufacturing sealing systems, aiming permanently to fulfill the market – driven requirements for new and innovative performance products.

Founded in 1991 (by reorganizing the IMPF Odorheiu Secuiesc, founded in 1975), it was the first and currently the largest manufacturer of mechanical seals in the country.

Our company’s activities include research, design, production and marketing of mechanical and magnetofluidic seals, specific spare parts of carbographitic materials, superaluminous ceramics, elastomers and PTFE, magnetic nanofluids, nano-micro structured composite magnetizable fluids and magnetic nanoparticles. Our products and services are envisaged mainly for the energy, nuclear, chemical and petrochemical industry.

Products and services

- Mechanical seals and axial feedthroughs;

- Spare parts of carbon materials, superaluminous ceramic materials, elastomers, PTFE and carbide;

- Seals for mixer reactor and accessories for sealing systems;

- Magnetic fluid seals;

- Magnetic nanofluids (with saturation magnetization up to 1450 Gauss) and nano-micro structured composite magnetizable fluids (with saturation magnetization up to 8000 Gauss);

- Surface coated magnetite nanoparticles and magnetic nanocomposites for biomedical applications;

- Expertise in the selection and design of sealing systems and finding the optimal solutions for both common and special seals;

- Competent consultation in the field of mechanical seals;

- Environmental qualification (irradiation and temperature) of polymers, carbon materials and magnetic nanofluids;

- Technical assistance and top-quality training to our customers to help understanding the operation of mechanical seals;

Contact data

Contact person: eng. Istvan BORBATH-: General Manager

Address : Nicolae Balcescu street, no. 5/A, 535600 Odorheiu Secuiesc, Harghita, Romania

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