Q-East Software

qeastQ-EAST Software is a top IT company with both vision and expertise in supplying system management solutions, database management and private and public companies apps.

In the context of a dynamic and prone to risk informational medium, Q-EAST Software has implemented numerous solutions for the administration, management and the protection of the data infrastructure. Q-EAST Software also supplies data compression, backup and retrieval in case of a database disaster.

When it comes to data security and current security standards, Q-EAST Software implements top of the line solutions for security and event-log management, with over 20 such solutions in place in Romania, covering over 2000 servers and 10000 users.


Application Services, Big Data, Data Center, Information and Data Management, Security, Performance Monitoring, Data Protection, Database Management, User Workspace Management, Windows Server Management, Identity and Access Management,

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Contact person: Mihaela Stancu

Adress: Bucharest, 55Clucerului street., et. 5, ap. 14, 1st District

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Email: mihaela.stancu@qeast.ro

Website: www.qeast.ro