PROCESS INNOVATION NUCLEUS (PIN) is a young Romanian SME founded by a group of entrepreneurs and researchers working together in various innovation and business ventures in Romania and abroad.

Mission: PIN’s mission is to create and develop innovative technological solutions which are environmentally friendly, energy efficient, cost effective and highly productive when comparing with existing technologies in key industrial domains such as: Recovery of metals from ores; Treatment, recycling and recovery of metals and nonmetals from various wastes (e.g. electronic scrap, various industrial process residues, medical waste, tailings); Decontamination of soil and water; Nanotechnologies; Advance materials (e.g. graphene), etc.

Values and Vision: PIN appraises innovation as one of its greatest values by placing it at the foundation of its every activity. Through leadership, collaboration, integrity, high standards and performance we strive to excel by bringing progress beyond the state of the art.


We are open to collaboration in innovation actions in the above fields and beyond and we are committed to put at our partners’ disposal our innovative technologies and equipments.

Ongoing activities: PIN has undertaken the market uptake of various patented or patent-pending technologies created by its research group:

  • Granted Patents (international jurisdictions) for “Method for Recovering Noble Metals and Other Byproducts from Ore”, International Application PCT/EP2010/064678 and WIPO publication WO2011/150984.
  • Pending European Patent for “Method for Producing Nanopowders and Various Element Isotopes at Nanopowder Level”, International Application PCT/EP2012/051479, and WIPO publication WO/2013/087227.
  • Pending Patent for “Method and Apparatus for Sterilizing Medical Waste”, Romanian Patent Application A/00443/16.06.2014.
  • Priority date Patent Application for “Method and Reactor for Recovering Metal and Nonmetal Elements from Objects Comprising Metal and Organic Compounds”, filed at the European Patent Office under EP14170661.4/30.05.2014.

PIN’s scientific activity is being led by a physicist having extensive international experience at NASA, CERN, as well as in other renowned research institutes from the E.U. and Russia.

In order to facilitate the innovation process of our new technologies, PIN has developed strong partnerships with Romanian and European universities and research institutes, having jointly submitted several projects applications under various European Commission’s funding programmes, e.g. ERA.Net RUS Plus, FLAG-ERA, Horizon 2020.

Datele de contact

Contact person: R&D Manager: Geanina Banu

Calea Bucuresti Nr. 289, Birou 1, Mihailesti, Jud. Giurgiu, Cod Postal 085200.

Phone: +40724384111