Open call EURATOM NFRP 2016-2017

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The activities funded by this Work Programme have been developed in accordance with the Council Regulation on the Euratom Research and Training Programme (2014-2018). They are organised in six main sections:

  1. Support safe operation of nuclear systems
  2. Contribute to the development of solutions for the management of radioactive waste
  3. Foster radiation protection
  4. Management of research reactor availability in Europe
  5. Support the development of nuclear competences at EU level
  6. Fission/fusion cross-cutting actions

Where appropriate, social science and humanities, socio-economic issues and trans-national access to research infrastructures are addressed within each of the six sections.

International cooperation with third countries is promoted through bilateral Euratom cooperation agreements, but also multilateral initiatives such as those under the auspices of the OECD/NEA, IEA, IAEA, GIF, etc. Where necessary and relevant, specific references to international cooperation are made in the work programme sections, but these should not be considered exhaustive. More detailed provisions, notably regarding possible Euratom funding to entities in third counties, are available on the Horizon 2020 webpage[[]].

In carrying out the activities proposed in this work programme, due attention should be paid to the dissemination of research results through scientific publications, as well as to the exploitation of research results by the stakeholders concerned.

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