NUCLEAR-INGINERY-SrlNuclear Inginery, is a company located on the Magurele platform, Ilfov County, one of the areas with the highest concentration of research institutes in Romania, is a Romanian joint stock company with 100% private capital.
Having a vast experience in the practical application of scientific research results in physics and in particular, atomic and nuclear physics, industrial electronics, vacuum technology, filters and high efficiency filtration systems, Nuclear Inginery company made components, subassemblies, devices and complex systems in all these application areas.
The company offers consulting, technical assistance and works for national and international studies, projects and targets on complex installations, while ensuring the engineering and realization of technical documentation.


Services and products
The company produces materials, components, sub-assemblies in various areas of the provider companies such as Peugeot Citroen France, Pinguelly-Haulotte France, ABB MC France, David Brown Weco France, Bombardier Transportation France, Cegelec France.
The company’s engineers provide ongoing since the design of a product, answer any technical problem with customers and develop specific solutions for each product.


  • Adress: 409Atomistilor street, Magurele Town, Ilfov County, Romania
  • Phone: +40 21.457.44.28
  • Fax: +40 21.457.59.93
  • Email contact: