National R&D Institute for Electrical Engineering ICPE-CA Bucharest

In August 2004, based on the government’s decision HG no. 1282 has been founded the National R&D Institute for Electrical Engineering ICPE-CA Bucharest (INCDIE ICPE-CA), through the reorganization of the Institute for R&D in Electrical Engineering – Advanced Researches.

Today INCDIE ICPE-CA it’s a capital state institute and it carries out RDI activities recognized in the field of electrical engineering. INCDIE ICPE-CA has an important scientific base in the field and holds up an important national and international position.

The INCDIE ICPE – CA are among the most active and efficient research unit in the country, a fact recognized by Prize of Excellence for the most efficient promotion of research awarded by NARS in October 2008.


-        Testing under mechanical stress

-        Investigations on the material composition

-        Study of surface properties

-        Investigation of behavior of materials in heat stress conditions

-        Investigation of behavior of materials under conditions of low temperature 1.9 … 400k

-        Investigation of the polymeric products behavior in condition of heat stress, UV radiation and nuclear

-        Electromagnetic compatibility


-        Composite materials for electromagnetic shielding

-        Ceramic biomaterials based on calcium phosphate

-        Carbon materials with high thermo-mechanical shock resistence

-        Composite materials for hydrogen storage

-        Intelligent materials based on Fe-Cu diluted alloys

-        Self-assembling monocrystalline powders of Co and CoNi

-        NiAlB powders

-        Silver colloidal solutions for bactericidal applications

-        Hard magnetic materials: cast Alnico, sintered NdFeB, bonded NdFeB and SmCO

-        Proportional electromagnetic actuator

-        Rotary piezoelectric micro motor


Contact person: Ion Ivan

Adress: Splaiul Unirii nr. 313, sector 3, cod 030138, Bucuresti

Telephone: 021 346 72 31; 021 346 72 35

Fax: 021 346 82 99