The National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnologies –IMT Bucharest

IMTminafabThe National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnologies –IMT Bucharest was set up by a Decision of the Romanian Government (HG 1318/1996).

IMT performs scientific research and technological development in micro and nanotechnologies. The spectrum of activities is very broad, from fundamental to industrial research, also including small-scale production, education etc.

MT was founded in 1993 and became a national institution in 1996, accumulating 20 years of experience in microsystems technology and devices – microsystems and micro-nanostructures sensitive to physical, chemical, biological; devices and circuits for RF and THz; photonics and nanoelectronics; microfluidic; microactuators. The main applications are addressed in the following areas: communications, transport, environment, energy, biomedicine and health. IMT has coordinated or participated as a partner in a number of FP7 projects and 25 type-FP7 (ENIAC, ERA-NET etc).
IMT-MINAFAB Center is an experimental feature recently renovated and in extension, which covers all development cycle for micronanosystems and devices: design, modeling, simulation, material processes, complex characterization, integration device / system reliability testing. IMT-MINAFAB white room contains space for various classes (over 600 sqm) and includes areas lithographic mask layout, micro-nanolithography, processing and physical and chemical deposits etc.

Products and services

  • fabricationofmicro/nanosystemsanddevices
  • surfaceanalysis andcharacterizationof complexfilms, crystals, nanostructures
    design, modeling, simulation of microsystems and materials
  • RD&I complex services-from the stage ofCAD/ CAE, tocomplex testsof reliability

Special technologies:

• Electron beam nanolithography; soft lithography and replication

• Rapid prototyping 3D printing (sintering, polymerization), ink-jet metal precursors, dip-pen

• Nano mechanical characterization of surfaces and coatings

• Design and realization of photolithographic masks

• Precision assisted plasma etching (RIE, DRIE)

• Realization of molecular arrays (microarray spotting)

• Microscopy and analysis (SEM, AFM, STM, NSOM, SECM)

• X-ray diffractometric analysis (crystalline, thin film properties, powder etc.)

• Electrical characterization measurements and wafer directly (up to 110 GHz)

• Spectroscopy (Raman, fluorescence, Fourier, EIS, ellipsometry)

• Factors combine testing (mechanical, thermal, electrical, pressure, humidity)

• Nanoparticle dispersion analysis

• Achievement and / or characterization of microfluidic

• Simulation of coupled physical phenomena (electrical, thermal, mechanical)


Contact data:

Contact person: Raluca Muller – General Manager

  • Adress: 126A Erou Iancu Nicolae, Voluntari Town, Ilfov County 077190
  • Telephone: +40-21-269.07.70 / Fax:+40-21-269.07.72
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