National Institute for Earth Physics

The National Institute for Earth Physics (NIEP) can be classified as Romanian juridical person coordinated by the Minister of National Education. Its general purpose is performing research and development activities in the field of Earth Physics, and the main goal is the involvement in Seismology.

With an experience of over 37 years in the field of study (the institute was founded in February 1977 under the name “Center for Earth Physics”, changed in 1994 and 1996) and comprising of more than 50 research personal, NIEP is the leading institution in Earth Physics, in Romania.


  1. Fundamental and applied research about:
    1. Physics of the seismic source
    2. Seismotectonics
    3. Seismic monitoring and evaluation of the seismic hazard
    4. Earthquake prediction based on geophysical and geodesic precursors
    5. Engineering seismology
    6. Seismic microzonation for densely populated areas
    7. Internal structure of the Earth
    8. Seismic tomography
  2. Standards elaboration in the field of:
    1. Seismic zoning (seismic hazard map for Romania’s territory)
    2. Seismic microzonation (evaluation of the local seismic hazard) for densely populated areas
  3. Other activities related to scientific research and technological development:
    1. Studies for Nuclear Power Plants locations and other national importance objectives (dams, military objectives, bridges, hospitals, schools, etc.)
    2. Implementation of a real time warning system for industrial objectives and other units of national concern, in case of a major earthquake
    3. Seismic tomography for dams
    4. Ground motion mapping in case of strong earthquakes (Shake)
    5. Evaluation of the seismic hazard on Romania’s territory according to the European norms – EC8
  4. Romania’s contribution to the global control system through seismological in compliance of Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), through:
    1. The seismic station Cheia – Muntele Rosu AS081 – MLR
    2. National Data Center of Romania NDC 142-ROM_NDC, elaborated by NIRDEP
  5. Participation in national and international concerning research, development and innovation projects

NIEP is divided into the following laboratories:

-          Seismic Network

-          National Data Center

-          Department for lithosphere structure and dynamics

-          Engineering Seismology

-          Magnetotelluric and Bioseismic Studies

-          Seismological Research Laboratory


-          Early Warning System

-          Seismic equipment: broadband and short period senzors, accelerometers, digitizers etc.

-          GPS equipment

-          Equipment for recording infrasound, electro-magnetic, radio low frequency signals

-          Seismic data acquisition and processing software (Antelope, SeisComp, ShakeMap, Selena)

-          Tsunami Early Warning System for the western coast of the Black Sea

-          IT equipment: servers, computers, storage, transmission equipment, specialized software etc.



-          National Seismic Network, consisting of more than 130 seismic stations in real-time, 2 arrays, 2 operational centers and multiple seismic observatories

-          National Data Center

-          GPS network for monitoring crustal deformations

-          MEMFIS (Multiple Electro-Magnetic Field and Infrasound) Network

-          Participation to INFREP (International Network for Frontier Research on Earthquake Precursors)

-          Resonant Columns Laboratory

Contact information

Contact person: Constantin Ionescu

Street, number: 12 Calugareni

City, postal code: Magurele, Ilfov, zip code 077125

Country: Romania


Telephone: +40214050670

Fax: +40214050673