Legislation on public procurement for research one of the subjects touched at the Internet of Things Conference

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The Internet of Things Conference that was held on June 7th at Magurele, also addressed the subject of the regulations on public procurement for research (closely related to public procurement of innovation), which are found in Romanian legislation. Here is the transcript of the statement of Mrs. Raluca Stoicea, Director of the Legal Department within the ELI – NP Research Infrastructure from Magurele at Radio Romania News:

Raluca Stoicea: From what I saw, there are also concerns at the European level for the regulatory part – it starts with conferences, guides, principles, general issues. I am waiting for more and more events, which will raise the issue of becoming a rather dedicated regulation, but I do not expect a specific regulation in the near future. In research, in no way, because the world is not concerned with research, because the research draws some of the provisions and questions it, but the research area is never correlated to the other, regulation, to say ‘sir, I want to regulate this part for research. ‘ No, the research is regulated separately and from there you, from a legal point of view, you have to go and attach yourself to various regulations to see how it applies to research.

The subject of public procurement of innovation is one of the objectives of the  RI2 Integrate -  Embeddedness of high quality research infrastructure in the Danube Region project under implementation through the Danube  Transnational Danube Program.

MHTC being one of the 17th partners of this project and as an extension if  the guides done within the project will be accepted – ELI -NP will be among the beneficiaries.

Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA)