Ideas from Europe development and scaling

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Deadline: 15/03/2018
This call for proposals concerns the further development and scaling of ‘Ideas from Europe’, an initiative developed by the European Commission in close cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Economy and the SME Envoys.

Number: 279/G/GRO/SME/17/C/019a

Objectives and description

The call aims to support the scaling of businesses by identifying and removing roadblocks so that existing and future entrepreneurs in the same or closely relating sectors or lines of business can scale more easily. It thereby fosters the transfer of knowledge and experience, entrepreneurial culture and entrepreneurship.

The overall objective of the call is to support new or aspiring European entrepreneurs in the crucial phase of growing their business.

Eligible applicants

Applications from legal entities established in one of the following countries are eligible:

  • EU countries
  • COSME participating countries
  • Applications must be submitted by a legal person
  • Corporate bodies must be properly constituted and registered under the law. If a body or organisation is not constituted under the law, a physical person must be designated to provide the legal responsibility.

See more information here.

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