FLAG Calarasi Danube

PrintAssociation of Fisheries Local Action Group “Calarasi DANUBE” – FLAG is a legal Romanian entity of private law, patrimonial purpose, independent, organized according GO 26/2000 on associations and foundations, as amended and supplemented, art. 43-45 of Regulation no. 1198/2006 of the Council on the European Fisheries Fund and art. 21 -25 of Regulation No. 498/2007 laying down detailed rules for the implementation of EC Regulation no. 1198/2006.
FLAG ” Calarasi Danube” is located in south-eastern Romania, in the south of the county of Calarasi, placed along the Danube, at the entrance to its exit from the county and consists of 23 members: 3 organizations representing the 20 local authorities, four fishermen associations 10 non-governmental organizations representing civil society and business and six companies active in fisheries.


LOCAL FISHING GROUPS Association members  associated in order to help identify new methods and resources for the development of the region by implementing the development strategy of fishing areas.
Association implements projects funded by  Fisheries Operational Programme, as well as other necessary programs and spatial development, in this sense, performs the following activities:
1. Promote cooperation within the territory, with other similar territories nationwide as well as from international Sausage, through projects of common interest;
2. Promots innovation, technology transfer and know-how, by strengthening the link between national and international partners;
3. Activities of information – communication – promotion;
4. Sessions by submitting projects;
5. Monitoring the implementation of projects;
6. Increasing the attractiveness of the territory in order to attract investments;
7. Other activities as required by law, according to the association’s purpose.



Adress: Progresul street, bl. BBB, et.3, Calarasi Municipality, Calarasi County

Phone: +40 372 924 878

Fax: +40 372 877 378

E-mail: office@dunareacalaraseana.ro

Website: www.dunareacalaraseana.ro