The final conference of the PRO ALFRED Project – ALFRED Research Infrastructure: Looking ahead

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On October 22nd -23rd, will take place the final conference of the PRO ALFRED Project - ALFRED Research Infrastructure: Looking ahead. The conference is organized by the Institute for Nuclear Research in cooperation with the FALCON Consortium in the frame of the PRO ALFRED project financed by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research.

The construction of the ALFRED infrastructure in Romania is part of the national and European efforts for climate change mitigation and energy supply security through innovative solutions, and represents a national R&D priority included in the National Strategy for Research-Development-Innovation and in the Smart Specializations Strategy of the South Muntenia Region.

ALFRED is a complex infrastructure grouping the lead fast reactor demonstrator, six large experimental support facilities, the coordination hub and the “Lead School” training centre, all together devoted to the demonstration of the technical and economic viability of pure lead-cooled fast reactor technology.

PRO ALFRED and ATHENA&CHEMLAB Projects are currently supporting its implementation by activities dedicated to strengthen the Romanian contribution to ALFRED and respectively by the construction of two put the six large experimental installations in support to demonstrator licensing.


The conference will present the major outcomes of the PRO ALFRED project and their contribution to the advancement of the ALFRED Project, as well as the perspectives in stimulating the national research-development-innovation potential and the Romanian industry involvement.


◼ European and national policies in nuclear energy and research;

◼ ALFRED infrastructure and associated research, education and training needs;

◼ Licensing of the ALFRED demonstrator;

◼ Long-term sustainability of the ALFRED Infrastructure;

◼ Benefits and opportunities for collaboration and participation in building ALFRED infrastructure.


Online registration, available on the PRO ALFRED site, is mandatory to receive communications of logistic aspects and to get access to the meeting. Hybrid Conference 251 27 24.


The event is organized as a 2-half day event combining the online participation with physical presence (at RATEN ICN headquarters, Conference Hall), in strict compliance with the rules for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

The conference It is structured in 4 topical sessions, in which oral presentations will be followed by open discussions mediated by a Chairperson. Presentations will be made available prior the conference on the PRO ALFRED project website prior the conference.

The conference is addressed to European and national decision makers, scientific communities, universities, industry and business environment, as well as to the public involved or interested in the energy field and advanced technologies development.

Representatives of the European Commission and international organizations in the nuclear field, representatives of national and local authorities and specialists from the FALCON consortium and the PRO ALFRED project will highlight the last developments in the conference topics.

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Please see the conference-programm


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