Elastic road surface reduces motorway noise pollution

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Noise pollution is still an issue on Europe’s roads. But thanks to technological advances, it’s less down to the sound of the car’s engine and more about how tyres touch the road surface. One solution is being tested in Denmark where part of the road has been covered with experimental surface material that dampens the tyre noise.

Researcher Luc Goubert from the Belgian Road Research Centre says by optimising the road surface, countries can reduce tyre-road noise.

“You have three parameters – you have the texture, you have the absorption and you have the elasticity – and elasticity is one parameter that has not been exploited so far,” he said.

How does it work?

An elastic road surface cover, developed by a European research project, removes about 85 percent of the energy from the traffic noise.

Hans Bendtsen, a researcher in road traffic noise, measured an 8dB reduction in noise which he said was “remarkable”.

“If you wanted to create the same noise reduction, you would need to have a noise barrier of a height of around 3 meters,” said Bendtsen.

You can read more on http://ec.europa.eu/research

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