Bucharest –Ilfov Intercommunity Development Association

Bucharest –Ilfov Intercommunity Development Association (ADIBI) was established in 2008 as a Romanian legal entity under private law without patrimonial purpose based on the freedom of association right, according to the local public administration Law no. 215/2001, republished and Government Ordinance no. 26/2000 on associations and foundations, as amended and supplemented. According to the Bucharest General Council Decision no. 86/2008 and Ilfov County Council Decision no. 144/2007 the association has the following members:

Municipality of Bucharest by Bucharest General Council represented by Mr. Mircea Sorin Oprescu as General Mayor of the Municipality of Bucharest.

Ilfov County, by Ilfov County Council, represented by Mr. Marian Petrache, as President of Ilfov County Council.


The purpose of the Association is to prepare and promote at all levels, regional development projects that are of common interest for the two territorial and administrative units, in the field of social services, transportation, environment, the business environment and tourism. The association also gets involved in obtaining the internal and external financing necessary for the implementation of such projects, in order to implement development projects important at local or regional level, or in order to supply public services and buy equipment for the emergency situation intervention services/ inspectorates.

Contact data

Contact person: Cristian Ovidiu Catalin Pistol

Street, number: 44th, Regina Elisabeta Blvd, 3rd Floor, District 5

City, postal code: 050018 Bucharest

Country: Romania

Telephone: 021.318.01.13

Fax: 021.318.01.12

Email: office@adibi.ro

Website: www.adibi.ro