Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy

Inst AstronomicThe Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy,  founded in 1908, is the only one with full astronomic profile in Romania.

The mission of the Astronomical Institute (AIRA): fundamental scientific research, both observations and theory , and connected activities (outreach, consulting, organizing of meetings) in the fields of astronomy (fundamental astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology).  The activity is developed in three main observatories (Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara) and two observational sites (Feleacu, Berthelot).

The main scientific research fields: solar physics and heliosphere, astrophysics of  small bodies in the Solar System, stellar astrohysics and exoplanets, extragalactic astronomy, cosmology, celstial mechanics and astrometry, history, education and outreach of astronomy.

Scientific research in AIRA:  astronomical observations, theoretical physico-mathematical modeling, numerical HPC activity.

Institute Activity: In the period 2012-2015, the Astronomical Institute participated to three academic programms (with 6 projects), and seven extra-academic project, international (ESA, FP7) and national (UEFISCDI, ANCSI, ROSA/STARS).

Observational research: In the period 2012-2015 the observational activity was based mainly on the Institute proper astronomical infrastructure (telescopes, refractors). From 2012, was developed a proper far remote control interface (in order to facilitate observations at large telescopes,  3m/IRTF/Hawaii and 2.5m/Las Palmas/Canary). Also, was used (as invited observational time) large astronomical facilities from abroad: 4-8 meter class telescopes, radiotelescopes, spaee telescopes in diferent wavelenghts.(IR, UV, X, Gamma).

Theoretical modeling: Proper HPC modeling in astronomy – MHD, HD, N-body+SPH, Celestial Mechanics -  using the proper SGI supercomputing platform.

Astroclimatic studies: in the period 2013-2015 we studied two astronomical sites, Berthelot/Hunedoara (500m altitude), and Malita/Fagaras (2200m altitute).

Publication of the Astronomical Institute (Romanian Academic Publishing House):

1. “Romanian Astronomical Journal” (RoAJ) – , from 1991, 2 volumes/year,

2. “Anuarul Astronomic” –from 1949.

RoAJ is citated in the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System (


Contact data

Contact person:: Dr. Marian Doru Suran

Address: Str. Cutitul de Argint, 5, RO – 040557, Bucuresti,

Phone: (0040) 21 335 68 92

Fax: (0040) 21 337 33 89