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The Department of Adaptive Systems at the Institute of Information Theory and Automation of the Czech Academy of Sciences is accepting applications for a postdoctoral position in the newly funded project supported by Czech Science Foundation. The project will drive forward the development of rigorous foundations of rationality and deliberation in decision making under uncertainty.
The project team will focus on conceptual solutions, lazy decision making, feature extraction for decision making, cooperation in distributed decision making as well as artificial and real-life test Requirements: We are seeking a postdoctoral candidate who holds a PhD (or near completion of) in mathematics, physics, computer science, or engineering with a strong mathematical background. Research experience in Bayesian decision making, Preference Elicitation, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence or a related field is required. Programming skills is an asset. The candidate will be expected to work in a team and produce publishable results. An additional role is to provide leadership to graduate students.
Duration: The position is initially for one year. An extension of funding to 2 years is possible depending on project success. The position is available immediately.
Deadline: Applications will be accepted throughout the year 2016 until the position is filled.

More details and contact information here.

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