Accent PRO 2000

Accent PRO 2000 s.r.l. is a young and ambitious private company, registered by Dr. Mihai Iovea in July 2000 at the suggestions of a local group of scientists, programmers, engineers and managers from various Research & Development Institutes from Bucharest, Romania.

The leading objective of the new company is to exploit the high potential of the local highly skilled scientists and engineers by offering high-quality customer-designed Products and Services, especially in the field of X-ray imaging and materials identification technique.

The leading team has a long R&D working experience, with good connections in the Romanian R&D market, and has been involved in many high-tech projects developed in Romania and in western countries.

The company usual works with many external collaborators, covering in this way a wide range of scientific and technical domains.

  • X and Gamma Ray Tomography and Radioscopy Imaging
  • Dual-energy technique for materials identification in Tomography and Radioscopy
  • High-tech Equipment and Software development for industry and R&D purpose
  • R&D Projects managements
  • Consulting for new high-tech business and investment development in Romania
  • High-Tech Dealer, Representative and Local Agent Activity


  • Contact person: Mihai Iovea
  • Headquaters: 1 Nerva Traian street, Bl. K6, Ap. 26, Bucharest, 3rd District, 031041 postal code;
  • Working point: 407 Atomiştilor street, IFA Tower , 5 floor, 512-513 room, Măgurele Town, Ilfov County, 077125 postal code
  • Phone: 031.438.01.54 / 0745.182.660
  • Fax: 031.438.01.54
  • Email contact:
  • Website: