Danube Region countries in Interreg Programmes

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The overarching objective of European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) is to promote a harmonious economic, social and territorial development of the Union as a whole. Interreg is now in its fifth period and is built around three strands of cooperation:

1. Cross-border (Interreg A)

60 Cross-border Cooperation (CBC) – Interreg V-A, along 38 internal EU borders. ERDF contribution: EUR 6.6 billion.

Out of the overall 60 CBC programmes 21 programmes along interal EU borders are active in Central and Eastern European. Danube Region countries are involved in all 21 programmes. Additionally there are two more from Mediterranean areaEL/BG Greece – Bulgaria programme  active for South-West Planning Region in Bulgaria. Second call for proposals for this programme is now open until April 22, 2016. FurtherFR/DE/CH Upper Rhine programme for the west part of Baden-Württemberg in Germany is now open as well and project ideas can be submitted to the Joint Secretariat at any time.

The list of all 60 CBCs  divided by areas, hence 21 programmes in CEE as well,  can be found here.

Danube Region countries are involved in eight IPA CBC programmes with the following currently active deadlines: HU/RS Hungary – Serbia (Strategic CfP open until August 26, 2016), RO/RS Romania – SerbiaBG/RS Bulgaria – SerbiaBG/FYROM Bulgaria – Former Yugoslav Republic of MacedoniaBG/TR Bulgaria – TurkeyHR/BA/ME Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro  (1st CfP deadline is June 10, 2016), HR/RS Croatia – Serbia (1st CfP until July 1, 2016) and programme IT/AL/ME Italy – Albania – Montenegro. 

Danube Region countries are involved in four such programmes with European Neighbourhood countries: ENPI CBC Black Sea BasinENPI CBC Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-UkraineENPI CBC Poland-Belarus-Ukraine (only parts of Ukraine) and ENPI CBC Romania-Ukraine-Republic of Moldova.

2.Transnational (Interreg B)

Interreg B covers 15 cooperation programmes focusing on larger areas of co-operation such as the Baltic Sea, Alpine and Mediterranean regions.  It is delivered through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) with EUR 2.1 billion for the period 2014-2020. Out of all 15 programmes Danube region countries are involved in seven.

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