Working Visit of Mayor of Ulm and the Municipal Council members to Bulgaria and Romania

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Between 9th 14th July 2015 the Mayor of Ulm is visiting Romania and Bulgaria toghether with Municipal Council Membres.

Three hundred years ago, hundreds of people – the Danube Swabians – went from Ulm down the river Danube on the “Ulmer Schachtel”, small wooden boats, simple barges, to southern Hungary, to Romania, Serbia, etc. , in the hope of finding a new home; and over the centuries they produced fertile landscapes and settled down to live peacefully with other peoples.

As living connection to the other cities on the Danube the Lord Mayor of Ulm, President of the Council of Danube Cities and Regions and members of the Municipal Council, this year have made an working visit, from July 9th to 14th 2015 on the Bulgarian and Romanian Lower Danube from Ruse to Tulcea.

At the end of the journey, the delegation made a to stop in Bucharest for a short meeting with key actors of the Danube Strategy representing, the entire spectrum of the civil society in Romania. The dialogue between the participants on this informal reception will strengthen the strategic partnership between Baden-Württemberg and Romania, and will continue to develop friendly ties between leading members of the

Danube community, in order to transform the Danube Strategy into a success story.

On this occasion Lord Mayor Ivo Gönner will reiterate the invitation to the 4th Annual Danube Forum which will take place in Ulm, end of October 2015, organized by the European Commission, DG Regio and Urban Policy, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Baden-Württemberg and Council of Danube Cities and Regions.

You can see here a photom gallery of the event



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