Voicing a new option for online security

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he EU-funded OCTAVE project is developing an innovative voice verification system combined with user authentication as a cloud service that could replace the use of passwords for online security.

We’ve all been there: you go to log in to your e-mail or your online banking and you can’t remember your password. Or you know your password, but the system asks you to come up with a new combination of letters, numbers and symbols. With dozens of passwords you’re somehow supposed to remember, like many of us, you simply write them all down on a piece of paper and tuck it safely away in your wallet – which is then stolen or lost…

The password problem is one of the major challenges that the ICT sector is determined to solve. “One way forward is to get rid of passwords for good in favour of user authentication based on biometric traits that are truly unique to each individual,” says OCTAVE’s project manager Sebastiano Trigila. Of the various biometrics available (fingerprints, face and iris recognition, etc.), the project focuses on voice biometrics, which it considers to be the least intrusive.

Although it may be a non-intrusive solution, this doesn’t mean it is an easy one. “First, voice recognition faces such involuntary challenges as noisy environments that induce distortion in voice acquisition,” explains Trigila. “There are also voluntary problems caused by potential attacks that, for example, can fool traditional recognition systems with recorded voice samples from a legitimate speaker.”

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