TELEELECTRON Ltd. was founded in 1992 in the category of Small and Medium Enterprises and proved a reliable partner that provides its customers a broad portfolio of services to European standards and is ready to satisfy all customers.

Company policy of continuous transformation anticipated global market trends, has positioned the company at a high level in terms of quality, timeliness and fairness to the clients and business partners.

Our experience of over 20 years has made us the recognized specialists in finding optimal solutions to satisfy the most demanding customers.

The company has a share capital of 3.6 mil EURO (entirely private) and has an average number of 80 employees (including 10 engineers of various specialties and 10 highly qualified), equipment (backhoe, mixer, directional drilling machine) 26 vehicles (transport materials, people, etc.) storage and own accommodation.


Works in portfolio: design/manufacturing/maintenance of new works or reinterpretations, deviations in construction area roads and highways to electrical networks, including fittings us at electro assembly indoor networks, local and long distance telephone networks on copper cables and/or fiber optic telephone networks inside the copper cables and/or fiber optics including FTTx, fire detection systems, intrusion, access control and surveillance assisted by CCTV, under crossings railways and roads, structured cabling network measurement parameters and/or fiber optic installations and measurements ground outlet, installation / maintenance of antenna masts and equipment for radio equipment; Horizontal directional drilling, location and fix faults in telephone cables and/or fiber optic, electrical networks of low and medium voltage, public lighting, LED lighting, installing solar panels, ground systems installation guide aircraft, civil and industrial construction .


Contact Person: Viorel Muntean

Headquaters: București, Sector 1, str. Limanului nr. 67

Working point: Bucuresti, Sector 6, str, Rosia Montana nr. 6

Phone: +40214303390

Fax: +40762600200

Email contact: