Sixth workshop for the Project STOB Regions took place in Bucharest

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On September  26 and 27, in Bucharest took place the 6th workshop for the project STOB Regions organized by Ilfov County, Romania

The project is focused mainly on business transfer.

“After the creation and growth of a business, transfer is the third crucial phase in its life cycle.” – Commissioners Tajani and Hahn, Foreword of Guidebook No. 3 – Facilitating Transfer of Business 2012.

STOB regions project addresses the challenges of this third phase of business transfer in 9 EU regions.

There has been a strong focus on start-ups across Europe, however, of equal importance is ensuring the survival of existing businesses. Safeguarding SMEs, arguably, has a higher impact on jobs and growth. This is reinforced by the fact that the success rate of transferred businesses is higher than that of start-ups.

The STOB regions partnership brings a range of different experiences and levels of expertise, including regional authorities and business support institutions. The interregional approach explores and examines the challenges faced by succession and seeks to find new or improved methods to support business transfers.

The event in Bucharest covered the topic of “Matchmaking”. Entrepreneurs who have made the decision to take over a business must find the right company. But also the owner needs to find the right partner to sell the business. He/she must define the requirements/criteria for the buyer.

Regions can support this matchmaking process with advisory services and instruments like succession fairs etc.. The partners discussed about their own experiences and good practices with experts and regional stakeholders. MHTC is one of the stakeholder and we were there to learn from others experience and to be able to offer the cluster members support in this field.

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