SIGMA SERVICESIGMA STAR SERVICE L.T.D. is a small research and micro-production company has operated in Romania since 1991. Our company has experience in a diverse range of industries: civil and industrial constructions, equipment and pipe networks seismic movement and vibration control, renewable energy, heat and cold recovery from building end industry environmental protection, migration of sturgeons and other aquatic organisms, agriculture, auto-motive and nuclear power.
SIGMA STAR SERVICE L.T.D. owns a significant number of patents, licenses and know-how that underlie its development of new products and technologies in the areas mentioned above. Our projects are now in various stages of implementation according to the requests of the different clients interested in the applications of our research results. On the following pages, you may find details regarding several domains where our company succeeded in implementing its novel products and technologies, as well as various results of the research currently implemented.



SC SIGMA STAR SERVICE SRL offers the following services and products in cooperation with partner units:
• Research, design and turnkey implementation of innovative solutions for reducing shocks, vibrations, noise and seismic movements in construction, equipment, pipeline networks etc;
• Research, design and realization of seismic consolidations, including construction of special importance in the solution developed by the company, without interrupting work in the building;
• Research, design and implementation of a new generation of equipment for efficient exploitation of renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro, waves, marine currents), its storage and supply demand, including adjusting the load curve;
• Research, design and implementation of efficient equipment working at high speed and low pollution to achieve basic ground work conserving soil and climate ‘properties;
• Research, design and production of equipment for reducing the aerodynamic resistance of the vehicle and electric vehicle development pneumatic with large working range and shorter recharge time.



Viorel Serban Chief Executive Officer

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