Se cauta parteneri pentru proiecte Orizont 2020 – cercetare medicala, sanatate publica, management medical

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AGEL Research, membru al AGEL – cel mai mare grup medical privat din Europa Centrala (sediul central in Republica Ceha), doreste sa fie partener in proiecte Orizont 2020, tematica “Health Demographic Change and Wellbeing”, temele:

  • PHC 15: Clinical research on regenerative medicine,
  • PHC 25: Advanced ICT systems and services for integrated care,
  • PHC 27: Self-management of health and disease and patient empowerment supported by ICT,
  • PHC 28: Self-management of health and disease and decision support systems based on predictive computer modelling used by the patient him or herself,
  • PHC 33: New approaches to improve predictive human safety testing,
  • HCO 6: Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases. Prevention and treatment of lung diseases.

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