Report on Magurele High Tech Cluster

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Research ideea: Dragos Seuleanu, CEO, MHTC

Market research by: Marius Florin Lazar,  ELN-NP

The innovative MHTC cluster represents an association of more than 80 organizations: companies, research institutes, foundations, associations, local public institutions, hospitals. It represents a significant potential in terms of financial, material, human, technological and scientific capabilities that are necessary to carry out ample projects. At the time of publishing this report, the financial and accounting data reports at the end of 2016 (officially present on www.mfinanţ website) were used to summarize the economic potential of the member entities. The LEU-EUR medium exchange rate for December 2016 was used to convert amounts. The National Research Institutes

  • There are 15 Research Institutes , from which:
  • 6 have installations and objectives of national interest;
  • The research infrastructure represented by fixed assets, a total of over 1.677.350.355 LEI (371 mil. EURO) to which will be added another up to 300 mil. EURO representing the ELI-NP project;
  • Total incomes over 530.619.755 LEI  (118 MIL. EURO);
  • Total number of employees: 2800.
The member companies  
Telecommunication activities 4 companies
Wholesales (machinery and equipments; electrical&electronic components and telecommunications; IT/hardware;  pharmaceutics, etc.) 11  companies
Software development 3  companies
Research-Development-Innovation 8  companies
Architecture and constructions 8  companies
Production, metallurgy, manufacturing (machines, machinery, equipment, devices) 11  companies
Rentals and services (repair, maintenance, advertising, consultancy, design) 10  companies

Total fixed assets: 4465 mil. LEI  / 988 mil. EURO;

Turnover totals:  3820 mil. LEI  / 845 mil. EURO);

Total profits of the companies: 46 MIL. LEI / 10.2 MIL. EURO);

Total number of employees: over 8400;




In 2016, companies carrying out telecommunications, wholesale, production and services activities recorded the most significant part of the revenues within the cluster members.




Instead, the most profitable companies are the wholesalers (EUR 3.6 million), architectural and construction works (EUR 0.6 million), companies operating in manufacturing (EUR 2,5 million) and services as well (EUR 2.8 million).


The companies with the highest production infrastructure/equipments are companies from telecommunication industry (2948 mil. EUR), manufacturers (1230 mil. EUR) and companies involved in RDI (148 mil. EUR)




Average labor productivity (net turnover versus number of employees) in the member companies of the cluster was 99730 EURO. The manufacturing companies had the highest labor productivity (126,000 EURO), followed by those carrying out telecommunications and wholesale activities (approximately 100000 EURO). An interesting thing is that for the same period of time, the Gross Domestic Product in Romania per employee slightly exceeds 36000 EUR (according to statistics from the National Statistics Institute This illustrates that the companies from the cluster are (on average) much more competitive in terms of labor productivity in comparison with  the national average.


As shown above, there are 36 members in the cluster from Bucharest with a total turnover of  692 mil. EUR and 7 companies from nearby Bucharest (Ilfov), especially Măgurele with a total turnover of 3 mil. EUR. From the rest of the country there are 12 companies with a total turnover of 294 mil. EUR, most of them from south of the country. The geographical coverage makes MHTC a regional cluster that serves both research institutes and industrial companies.   Universities, local government and associations:

  • 5 Universities;
  • 7 Associations and NGOs;
  • 4 Public Administrations from Ilfov and Giurgiu;
  • 1 Hospital.



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