Proposal for the National Center for Nuclear Medicine Project

3 years ago  By  Iuliana Velniciuc     No comments

The National Center for Nuclear Medicine is an ambitious and perfectly feasible initiative for accomplishing a wide-ranging project that capitalises on both the results of the exceptional IFIN-HH ELI-NP’s research in the field of nuclear physics, and the outstanding potential of human resources within the Romanian health system.

Having IFIN-HH-ELI NP Magurele at the center, the concept of the project brings together in one collaborative platform the activities carried out by research and higher education institutes, and the work of the medical staff specialized in oncology, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy.

Participation is open to all potential stakeholders: central and local public authorities, higher education institutions, the private sector, developers, investment funds and financial institutions.

The project envisages the development of three functionally integrated operational modules: a diagnostic and oncology treatment sanitary unit, a medical research institute and a higher education base for the specialization of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, chemists and physicists, as well as the development of several support modules: a hotel accommodation unit for long-term patients, care-givers and medical staff. There are also recovery and relaxation modules and shopping facilities.

In the regional Romanian context, the competitive features of this project compared to other projects of the same type in Europe are given both by the already existing equipment, and by the results of the current and future advanced research of IFIN-HH-ELI-NP in the field of using radioctive tracers for diagnostic and treatment, as well as by facilitating the implementation of new top radiotherapy methods.

The cost of the project for the operational modules is estimated at around 90-110 million Euro, and for the support modules between 20-30 million Euro.

In a world in which oncological diseases are at a  very high rate, the National Center for Nuclear Medicine project is an important vector for improving the health of patients in Romania and from abroad.

The conference will be held in Magurele, Ilfov County ELI’s -NP facility, in September 4- 5, 2018. If you are intrested in attending the conference please click here.