Ophir Optics

SC Ophir Optics SRL, founded in 2010, is part of the Ophir Optronics Solutions Ltd Israel and  NewPort  Corporation USA.

The activity consists of development activities, manufacture and sale of optical components and electro-optical products.

Quality management is certified according to ISO 9001/2004.

SC Ophir Optics SRL has:

- Production facilities according by specify of activity, including “clean room”;

- Highly qualified personnel;

- Advanced production equipment, semi-automatic, fully automatic, CNC;

- Measuring and control equipment of last generation;

- Top performance technologies.

Services and products

SC Ophir Optics SRL produces 5 main categories of products from glass, ceramics, germanium, silicon and other crystals for spectral range UV, VIS and IR:

- Spherical elements, glued assembles  – 6-150 mm diameter;

- IR aspheric elements – up to 150mm in diameter;

- Plano elements, including double sided polishing;

- Prisms, cubes, bonded assemblies;

- Reticles, masks – electron beam pattern generator ZBA-21 Carl Zeiss Jena, minimum element 0,4 microns.

Vacuum deposition capabilities – 2 automatic systems BAK-760 EVATEC operated by  KHAN, electron beam gun evaporation sources,  resistive sources,  IAD ion source, optical monitoring and monitoring quartz crystal; 4 semiautomatic systems VU-2M,  electron beam gun evaporation sources, resistive sources, Glow Discharge and optical monitoring; 2 sputtering systems, LEYBOLD Z-550-S and BAS-450-PM Balzers, for deposition ITO, metals, oxides, alloys; 1 DLC deposition system VIOLET USA.

Capabilities measurements – Perkin-Elmer Lambda 950 spectral range 180-3200 nm and Perkin-Elmer FTIR spectral Frontier Optica for 2-25 microns; Zygo and Intellium interferometers ; Talysurf profilometers ; Trioptix goniometer and spherometer ; Durability testing equipment  (temperature, humidity, salt fog).


Contact data

Contact person: Arcadie Sobetkii, Project Manager

Address: 5  Racari St.,  building 51B+51A , 1st Floor, 3rd District, Bucharest, Romania , 031827

Telephone: 40-21-344 40 00

Fax: 40-21-344 40 52

Email: arcadie.sobetkii@ophiropt.com

Website: www.ophiropt.com