Nuclear Vacuum

logo_NUCLEARVACUUMIn 1977 was founded on the platform Magurele Nuclear Equipment Factory (FAN), which will be transformed in 1990 in Enterprise Equipment Nuclear and then, in 1991 the current company Nuclear & Vacuum.
Since 1980 FAN has developed a special production structure, designed to cover the specific needs of nuclear material and equipment for public defense and security sectors.
Currently, the company has increased its scope of activities, besides the national and Stategic sectors such as nuclear detection, gas detection technology, vacuum technology, optronic, nuclear electronics company developing and trading in other directions.

Services and products
The company offers the most advanced services in multiple areas, such as applications in the medium and high vacuum, radiation photon irradiation services of dosimeters, metrological verification, calibration of dosimetry systems for radiation protection and environment.
Here is producing beams transport systems, electromagnets deflection, correction, solenoids, Cuadripol lenses and various gammagraphy installations.