National R&D Institute for Nonferrous and Rare Metals –IMNR

Description of the entity:

National R&D Institute for Nonferrous and Rare Metals –IMNR has as main objective scientific research and technological development in the field of materials science and engineering, with emphasis on materials based on nonferrrous and rare metals such as: innovative technologies and solutions for sustainable development by valorization of resources and substitution of critical raw materials, reciclyng and reutilization of materials containing nonferrous and rare metals including industrial used waters; nanomaterials and advanced materials (ceramics, composites, hybrids) as key enabling technologies for innovative applications with high added value in non-conventional energy, nanomedicine, environment protection, microelectronics and biotechnologies; technology transfer activities for SMEs interested in materials faborication and utilization; participation to the adoption of international and European standards in the field to national level; rational utlization of nonferrous metals and compunds.

Services/products offer:

-       Research and development activities in the frame of direct contracts with companies aiming to implement new materials and technologies according to customers specifications;

-       Elaboration and application of RENAR certified methodologies using complex physical-chemical analysis (complete chemical analysis, XR diffraction, optical microscopy, complex thermal analysis DSC and ATD-TG, granulometric analysis and surface potential of nanopowders, AFM/scratch test/profilometry of nanocoatings;

-       Cooperative projects in National, Regional and European programs for the dissolution of complex raw materials and scraps, chemical synthesis of pure and doped nanopowders designed for customers specifications, obtaining of functional coatings and films at technology readiness level TRL4-5 (pilot scale) using the new infrastructure of theHigh PTMET center developed with Eu structural funds;

-       Technological and environmental expertise for acquisition of new equipments and technologies

-       Services for technology transfer: technological audit, technological survey, benckmarking, pre-feasibility studies, intelectual properties rights according to EU contracts requirements.



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