National Institute of Research and Development for Optoelectronics, INOE 2000

National Institute ofResearch and Development forOptoelectronics, INOE 2000,founded in 1996 andre- 2001 is engaged in basic research in the fields of physical processes,specific techniques and complementary systems that emit, modulate, transmit and receive optical radiation, targeting applications in optoelectronics. Institute structure has two subsidiaries: Institute for Analytical Instrumentation-ICIA-Cluj Napoca and Research Institute for Hydraulics and Pneumatics-IHP Bucharest.

Main research: Constructive and technological engineering – lasers, laser and fiber optics devices; Knowledge-based multifunctional materials with applications in optoelectronics and optospintroncs; Optoelectronic methods and techniques for cultural heritage restoration/preservation; Surface processing by vacuum and plasma advanced technologies; Advanced techniques for monitoring, evaluation and rehabilitation of the environment; Analytical instrumentation and advanced methods of analysis for Environment and Health; Hydrotronic and mechatronic technologies for automation androbotics of complex technicalsystems.


Products and Services

Systems for transmission of information through optical fiber;

►equipment with lasers;

►characterization by optical methods of materials, components and devices for various applications: medicine, defense, etc. in RENAR accredited laboratory–INDICO.

►Modern and ecological analytical methods (extraction, purification, concentration) for environmental quality assessment (soil, water, vegetation, food);

► modeling and experimental determination of atmospheric pollutants during transport; interactions and changes that affect air quality and climate.

►Environmental analysis in RENAR accredited laboratory-LAM;

►e-Smart Access infrastructure for cultural agencies;

►laser cleaning of artifacts;

► microclimate monitoring systems in heritage objects.

►Metal-ceramic brazing;

►hard and anticorrosion coatings, biocompatible coatings;

►detection of leaks;

► Certification of biofuels quality in RENAR accredited laboratory BIOCARO;

►Assistance for identifying foreign business partners;

►Technical assistance in order to achieve technological transfer of R&D results, with direct effects on economic competitiveness and growth in the number of jobs;

►specialized assistance for restructuring, upgrading and modernization of SMEs;

►assistance in developing proposals for projects in European funding program.


Contact person: Savastru

Street, number: 409 Atomistilor, Magurele, Ilfov County, 077125, Romania


Telephone: +4 021 4575757

Fax: +4 021 4575757