The National Institute for Laser, Plasma & Radiation Physics (INFLPR)

The National Institute for Laser, Plasma & Radiation Physics (INFLPR) is an independent, national importance research institution established by the Government of Romania. INFLPR was founded in 1977, with the mission to advance the knowledge in several strategic areas of the sciences and technologies related to laser, plasma, and radiation physics.

Services and Products

High power lasers and applications: active centers in photonic materials, quantum electronic processes, X-ray laser development, laser biomedicine, laser micromachining, high energy secondary standard dosimetry.

Bio/Nano Photonics & Nanomaterials: nanoparticles synthesis by laser pyrolisis, nanometrology, nanostructured films & particle functionalization, nanomaterials synthesis by plasma, biomolecular laser spectroscopy, biocompatible thin film deposition by PLD and MAPLE, soliton waveguide arrays, ultrafast parallel interconnections, nonlinear nanophotonics, quantum dots and metamaterials, plasmonic structures, micro/nano patterning

Plasma Research for Fusion: atomic processes and fusion related atomic physics, atomic particle trapping, hot plasmas and nuclear fusion, plasma surface engineering, plasma theory, X ray tomography analysis, plasma coatings for fusion technology, plasma sources

Contact data:

Contact person: Ion Morjan, General manager

Street, number: 409Atomistilor street, PO Box MG-39

City, postal code: Bucureşti, RO 077125

Country: Romania

Telephone: +(40) 21-457-4550

Fax: +(40) 21 457-4243