Nanoline-SrlNANOLINE OPTICS S.R.L. is a limited liability company, founded in early 2012, NACE code – 2670 Optical instruments and photographic equipment production

S.C. Nanoline S.R.L. is using 5 high qualification personnel and latest equipment and technologies in the field.



- 3D lenticular micro optical elements, flexible and rigid

- Execution of high resolution optical reticles

- Execution of discrete spherical micro lenses masks

- Execution of design activities (logos, portraits, motion pictures, etc.)

- UV flatbed engraving for promotional activities

- Mediation in the holograms’ production

- Brokerage execution of mechanical parts on CNC machines

- Capitalization of physics researches in the field of micro-technologies and technologies of optics and precision mechanics domain


Contact person: VILCEANU MARINA

Adress: Str. Lacului nr. 35, Magurele, Jud. Ilfov, 077125

Telephone: 0784216442

Fax: 0214574204