Mira Telecom- Experience in security & telecom fields since 1998
- Turnover in 2010: 15 million Euros
- Personnel: 120 employees and collaborators – engineers, technicians, administrative staff
- Technical teams with vast experience, both in Bucharest and in the country
- Nationwide operational coverage (access in the most difficult areas)
- Service centers:
Headquarter in Bucharest
Subsidiaries: Brasov, Bacau, Craiova, Cluj – Napoca

Mira Telecom is an integrator in the security and telecommunications projects, offers a complete range of efficient and operative services, oriented to completely satisfy customer needs:
Design of networks and systems
Civil Constructions
Project Management and Integration for complex Systems of Security, IT&C and Telecommunications
Logistic Services
Research and Development in the field of Technology for Security projects


Services and products
• Command and Control Centre
• Software for integrated security systems and safety
• Surveillance systems
• Access control systems
• Systems perimeter intrusion detection and alarm
• Mobile Labs research – Nuclear, Biological, Chemical and Radiological
• Mobile Command and Control Centre
• Sound systems, public address and evacuation
• detection and fire alarm systems
• Firefighting systems
• Implementation GSM / DCS / UMTS
• Installation, integration and commissioning of telecommunication equipment, maintenance and intervention in sites
• Research – Software Development
• Technologies for security equipment
• multidisciplinary research (electronics, biophysics, biochemistry)
• complex tests (in various weather conditions, electromagnetic environments, mechanical)