MHTC project

Magurele High Tech Cluster Project is a prerequisite for opportunities created by the ELI project – NP is not wasted due to undeveloped fast enough and sustainable private sector and lack of resources for successfully positioning cluster entities components, product / service innovation generated international markets.
Entities cluster states decided to focus to capitalize on scientific research conducted at Magurele Physics Platform and, in particular, the project Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics. This specialization will allow innovative SMEs members of the association to be able to find a niche in the domestic, European and international. The focus on this field will lead to the following results at local and European synergistic:
• creation of sustainable alliances between SMEs and R & D entities in Physics from Magurele platform and associated universities;
• establishment of a cluster of clusters with two other entities that develop ELI project in the Czech Republic and Hungary;
• collaboration with CERN – Geneva which operates the largest particle accelerator in the world; CERN has expressed interest in direct cooperation with Magurele HIGH TECH CLUSTER.