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We express our agreement to meet with the Cluster Membership Applications Endorsement Committee in order to get admission.

We undertake the commitment that along with our admission as full members of the Association we will pay the membership contribution, the one on heritage and that we will conform to the rules of the association.

We agree with the publication of our company name and logo on all promotional and advertising materials that will be made by the association. We agree with the company name to appear on the cluster members list and on the website of the association.

We acknowledge that as MHTC member we are allowed to participate in all activities covered by the group budget, except those that require additional funding. Participation in activities which require additional funding is possible after paying the taxes.

We agree that if within 30 days from the General Assembly where we have been accepted as members, we have not presented the documents required, we will resume the procedure for admission into the association.

Documents enclosed:

Copy of registration certificate or, if applicable, proof of registration in the Register of Associations and Foundations (for associations and foundations)

Copy Statute to demonstrate the connection between the new member’s business areas and MHTC’s activities

Documents required for registration:

  • -After being voted new member in the General Assembly of MHTC, within 15 days you must bring tax record (original) which must be in the term of validity when submitted to the court. Please note that the document is valid 30 days from the issue date. We point aut that the 15 days deadline must be respected by all prospective members, given that the file which is submitted to the court must contain all tax records of all prospective members and cannot be resolved if it is not complete.