MATE-FINSC Mate-FIN Ltd., Bucharest was founded in 1992, providing services in the field of nuclear measurement systems, namely, the detection and monitoring of nuclear activities, nuclear and applications in medical imaging based on nuclear techniques.
It successfully managed large projects in the areas of nuclear industry, medicine and research on its own and in collaboration with companies, institutions and prestigious specialists from home and abroad (especially in the US, Canada, France).
At the moment MATE-FIN has 65 employees and an average turnover in the last 4 years about 4 million / year.

Services and products
• complex and comprehensive services in the field of nuclear radiation monitoring (RMS) systems in both reactors of Cernavoda are made MATE-FIN: design, procurement, physical implementation, software, commissioning, preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance;
• Full Service for nuclear waste management;
• Comprehensive services for ventilation systems in industrial and medical nuclear space;
• systems, equipment and services in the field of radiation protection;
• Comprehensive services in the field of medical imaging and nuclear technologies-based techniques.

Adress: 79-81Vulturilor street, 3 Division, Bucharest, 030853
Phone: +40 21 313 49 65
Fax: +40 21 320 21 23