Magurele High Tech Cluster

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  • MHTC Proiect

    SMIS code 49772
    Financing contract no. 1 CLT / 800010 / 05.13.2014
    High Tech Cluster Magurele project is implemented through the Sectoral Operational Programme “Increase of Economic Competitiveness (SOP IEC) 2007-2013″ – co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund – Priority Axis 1 “An innovative and eco-efficient production system”
    Key area of intervention D1.3 “Sustainable development of entrepreneurship” Operation “Support for enterprises’ integration in supply chains or clusters.”
    Total project value 901 200 lei from the GEF Trust Fund Grant 892 200.

    Magurele High Tech Cluster Project is a prerequisite for opportunities created by the ELI project – NP is not wasted due to undeveloped fast enough and sustainable private sector and lack of resources for successfully positioning cluster entities components, product / service innovation generated international markets.
    Entities cluster states decided to focus to capitalize on scientific research conducted at Magurele Physics Platform and, in particular, the project Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics. This specialization will allow innovative SMEs members of the association to be able to find a niche in the domestic, European and international. The focus on this field will lead to the following results at local and European synergistic:
    • creation of sustainable alliances between SMEs and R & D entities in Physics from Magura platform and associated universities;
    • establishment of a cluster of clusters with two other entities that develop ELI project in the Czech Republic and Hungary;
    • collaboration with CERN – Geneva which operates the largest particle accelerator in the world; CERN has expressed interest in direct cooperation with Magurele HIGH TECH CLUSTER.

  • The overall objective
    Increasing the competitiveness of SMEs by creating a cluster and by exploiting the opportunities offered by RDI from the city Magurele Physics Platform and, in particular, has generated huge potential of the European project ELI – NP, respecting the principles of sustainable development.

    specific objectives
    O.S.1. The creation, development and strengthening functional cluster to ensure an environment conducive to sustainable development of SMEs States through cooperation among association members and by increasing private sector access to CDI.
    O.S.2. Build powerful communication tools and marketing (including ICT) enabling the creation of brands of cluster and aggressive promotion of products / innovative services designed because of the opportunities arising from the operation of the laser high intensity ELI – HP researches adjacent and collaboration with public administration
    O.S.3. Involvement cluster and innovative SMEs in European projects to ensure multiplication of sources of financing their activities and connecting cluster Magurele High Tech Cluster with other European networks and for the proper positioning of Romanian SMEs continental and global level and to increase efficiency diversification of energy through renewable energy sources.


    The overall objective and specific objectives and the objectives of the Programme Axis 1. The overall objective of the project adapts to the demands of the general objective of SOP cluster on increasing the competitiveness of Romanian SMEs in the cluster. In addition, the overall objective of the project customizes ways that will lead to increasing the competitiveness of SMEs: the potential use of scientific, technological and marketing services that it offers European project ELI – NP.
    At the same time, the overall objective of proiectulului supports the overall objective of Operation 1.3.3 .: “encouraging the development of clusters and value chains emerging and innovative, especially by supporting the integration of enterprises, especially SMEs in the business structures in order to improve competitiveness on national and international level “.


    The specific objectives of the program take into account the expectations of the applicants, the specific objectives outlined expectations. Thus:
    Ø The project will contribute to the sustainable development of the productive sector by connecting SMEs cluster in an active source of innovative ideas in the field of lasers that offer unlimited possibilities for realization of products / innovative services that do not pollute and that will be a great technological advance market to other companies.
    Ø cluster that is established will provide a favorable environment for sustainable development of SMEs and the complexity associated entities operating mode. Emerging cluster you will establish and develop this project has all the characteristics of a functional cluster and chances of success in the market because SMEs grouped around a large entities (IFIN HH) that has both facets of business (it is an important supplier of products / services Nuclear Power Plant) and valences in RDI. In addition, IFIN HH and subsequently ELI – NP has the material resources necessary to ensure that, at first post – SOP financing, financial stability for the entire group.
    Ø SMEs members of the cluster are innovative, have research, but it can develop in size that will initiate collaboration with academic institutions, research institutes and partners. This collaboration will prove beneficial for RDI entities as a result of the increasing demands that will arise from SMEs to enhance competitiveness of products / services you are out on the market. SMEs in the cluster will get competitive markets as such will require a constant flow of advanced technology, innovative solutions to withstand competition. Perhaps these SMEs will perform some of the most competitive on world markets of all Romanian SMEs. The findings of the ELI project – NP will be unique in the world. Not all will be Romanian scientific research findings. Not all research results will come in the experimental and especially industries in a very short time. But exposing SMEs to knowledge flow generated by ELI – NP represents a substantial competitive advantage for the Romanian companies.
    Ø The project will harness the potential of information and communications technology by adapting and developing a communication platform already specialized in the field of innovation. This will be the cluster interface that will allow both intercommunication between association members and aggressive promotion of products / services, brands across multiple markets. An important aspect of the project will focus on which is the dialogue with society and industry will present receiving direct benefits arising from the huge investment made in the ELI project – NP, how CDI valued by Romanian SMEs lead to improved living conditions in our country.
    Ø High Tech Cluster Cluster Magurele will integrate local and central public administration in an effort to exploit the results of CDI. SMEs will be able to offer products / services technologically innovative and competitive in price for public administration development strategies to materialize in Romanian solultii innovative.

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