Invitation to the Nuclear Medicine Conference

3 years ago  By  Iuliana Velniciuc     No comments

We are inviting you to attend the Nuclear Medicine Conference  that will be held from 4-5 September 2018, at the Extreme Light Infrastructure Nuclear Physics Conference Center – ELI-NP and at the National Physical Library in Magurele, Ilfov County.

The organizers of the event propose the following topics:

  • The research strategy of the Horia Hulubei Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering, IFN HH – ELI-NP in the field of nuclear medicine;
  • Knowing the expectations of specialists in this medical field and the medical industry;
  • Outlining a model for capitalizing the results of the advanced research from IFIN HH – ELI-NP in the Romanian medical system;
  • Establishing partnerships between IFIN HH – ELI-NP – Magurele High Tech Cluster MHTC and universities, sanitary units, innovative companies for the development of joint research and innovation projects in the field of nuclear medicine;
  • Identifying ways to develop public and private medical entities to attract patients from the country and abroad for investigations and medical treatment at Magurele.

Are invited to attend the event: hospital managers, medical directors, oncologists, nuclear medicine physicians and radiotherapy practitioners as well as business people interested in the medical field.

Registration at the conference here.

Here you can see the agenda of the conference.