The Institute of Atomic Physics (IFA)

The Institute of Atomic Physics (IFA) located at Magurele was established in 1956. It spun off from the Institute of Physics of the Romanian Academy founded in 1949 under the leadership of the eminent scientist Horia Hulubei who was also the first director of IFA. IFA laid the foundations of a Romanian scientific research elite and a renowned scientific research school: IFA is the cradle of the Romanian physics.

In January 1990, IFA re-emerged as a public institution with legal personality, under Romanian Government direct subordination, by taking over ICEFIZ research institutes following CSEN dissolution.
Since 1999 when the Contract of Association with EURATOM has been signed, the Institute of Atomic Physics has coordinated the participation of the Romanian scientific research in the European Programme on Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion, accomplished within the Framework Programmes of the European Union.

The participation in the European Fusion Programme is by projects granted annually by international competition.

In the period 2001-2006, the Institute of Atomic Physics managed the “Basic Research of Socio-Economic Interest Programme – CERES” of the National Plan for Research-Development and Innovation and, between 2005-2008, the Module “R&D Complex Projects” in the fields of basic and nuclear physics, socio-economics and humanistic sciences within the Excellence Programme (CEEX).

Today, IFA is in full process of reshaping. Its new mission, according to the Government Ordinance No.1608/2008 regarding IFA reorganization and the Decision No. 9642/2009 issued by the President of the National Authority for Scientific Research (ANCS), consists in contributing to the elaboration and implementation of a coherent and stimulating scientific research and technological development policy in the field of atomic and subatomic physics, strengthening the Romanian scientific potential with a view to increasing both the socio-economic and scientific impact and the international visibility.

Main objectives of the Institute of Atomic Physics envisage:

  • evaluating the national scientific potential in the field of atomic and subatomic physics and elaborating an adequate development strategy;
  • promoting the scientific partnership and representing this field of physics at international level (EURATOM, CERN, major research infrastructure projects such as ITER, ELI, etc.);
  • initiating and managing national and international R&D programmes;
  • facilitating the knowledge transfer with a view to enhancing and tapping the national research potential in the field of physics.


Contact person: Florin D. Buzatu Director General

Adress: 407 Atomistilor St. Magurele, Ilfov, 077125, Romania

Tel/Fax: (+4021)4574493; (+4021)4574456