INFMThe National Institute for Materials Physics ( NIMP) Bucharest is devoted to fundamental and applied research and development, with particular emphasis in the fields of solid state physics and materials research. NIMP develops as a CENTER OF EXCELLENCE for international cooperation (R&D projects and networks with support for EU, bilateral agreements) and high-level education (PhD, MSc, training courses) and provides a frame for interdisciplinary research in the materials science. The institute management has tried deliberately to develop a balanced policy of basic and application-oriented research. Much effort was devoted to the applied research, devices and technologies based on new advanced materials.
The institute has presently about 234 workers, of which 186 are directly involved in research activities. NIMP has 150 researchers, and among them are 15 PhD supervisors, 96 doctors, 40 PhD students, and 12 Master students. 30 of the Institute researchers have experience in laboratories abroad, gained during long stages.

Services and products
A. Main R & D

  • Fundamental Research condensed state physics
  • Nanomaterials and nano-objects (nanowires, nanotubes, nanospheres, etc.)
  • Advanced Functional Materials (semiconductors, superconductors, piezoelectric, magnetic, ferroelectric, multiferroic, optical, etc.)
  • Materials for special applications (renewable, security, pollution, etc.)
  • Soft materials (polymers, polymer composites) and biocompatible

B. Secondary domains research

  • Applied research oxide materials supply sector for applications of sensors, transducers
  • Materials for microwave devices
  • Materials for hydrogen storage units
  • Advanced analytical techniques
  • Theoretical modeling of electronic phenomena in mesostructured

C. Services / micro production

  • Services accredited laboratory characterization by MAAS
  • Services through specific techniques for the characterization has INCDFM
  • Necessary infrastructure: XRD, TEM, HREM, SEM, ellipsometry, etc.


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