The National Research and Development Institute for Marine Geology and Geo-ecology – GeoEcoMar of Romania, is a research-development institute of national interest established in 1993, under the co-ordination of the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research, performing research in geology, geophysics and geo-ecology, with focus on aquatic, marine, deltaic and fluvial environments.

NIRD GeoEcoMar represents an excellence pole in the marine research, working as a European and national center for studies of sea-delta-fluvial macro-systems. A modern research infrastructure, based mainly on marine and fluvial research vessels, enables GeoEcoMar to undertake complex, multidisciplinary studies in national and international programs.

NIRD GeoEcoMar participates in projects within the European Framework Programs 5 – 7 and Horizon 2020, including bilateral cooperation with France, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.


Since 1996 an “institute of national interest” due to its technical potential and scientific performances, GeoEcoMar`s main objective is to perform complex and multidisciplinary researches of sea – delta – river macro-systems, having as key focus the Black Sea – Danube Delta – Danube River system.

The main scientific activities and expert services of GeoEcoMar are focused on: geology – sedimentology, stratigraphy, paleontology, geochemistry, mineralogy, grain size analysis; coastal researches and integrated management, geophysics (seismo-acoustics, 2D marine seismics, magnetometry, gravimetry, electrometry), environmental quality investigations (hydro-chemistry, gas chromatography, eco-toxicology, greenhouse gas emissions), real time monitoring and study of marine geo-hazards (by Black Sea Security System), geo-archaeology and geological mapping of the Romanian Black Sea continental shelf.



Contact person: acad NIcolae Panin, General Manager

Adress: 23-25 Dimitrie Onciul Street, RO-024053

Phone: +40-21-252.55.12

Fax:  +40-21-252.30.39

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