The Foundation for Democracy, Culture and Liberty (FDCL)

The Foundation for Democracy, Culture and Liberty (FDCL), Romania was establish in 2005 as an private NGO, having as mission the participation to the development of the democracy in Romania and neighborhoods countries.

The Foundation has several branches in Calarasi, Suceava, Vaslui, Sighetul Marmatiei and Caras Severin with legal representation designed to allow the development of cross-border cooperation with all border regions of Romania. One of the most active branches is FDCL – Calarasi working in the region CBC Romania – Bulgaria as a traditional broker of advanced technologies and innovative solutions upgraded generators (universities, national institutes of scientific research, companies), on the one hand, and potential users of these solutions (innovative companies, the local, national / regional coordination training – port administration, etc.). This branch of the foundation Calarasi has accredited to its facilities in Gradistea Commune, Rasa Village, a Center for Information and Technology Transfer. Currently, the Foundation has, in various stages of implementation seven projects CBC Programme Romania – Bulgaria 2007 – 2013. Total value of these projects is approximately 15 million.


Services and products

  • Consultancyin accessingEuropean funds
  • Crisis management,
  • PRandpublic communication
  • Organizing training courses, conferences, debates and round tables
  • CreatingICTplatforms;

• Organizing communication programs;

• Creation of radio programs, television and online.

  • Broadcastonline videoediting andvideoprocessing



  • Contact person: Dragos Seuleanu
  • Adress: 64 Calarasi Road, Rasa Village, Gradistea Commune, Calarasi District
  • Telefon: +40744.312.651
  • Email: /
  • Website: