First meeting of National Group of Experts for the RI2 Integrate Project

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On August 31st  in Magurele, Ilfov County, Romania  took place the first meeting of the National Group of Experts (NEG) for the project RI2Integrate – Embeddedness of high quality research infrastructures in the Danube Region. The meeting was organized both by IFIN HH and MHTC partners in the project.

Aim of the meeting was to present to the group of experts the project and its objectives and to establish a work methodology.

PhD Ioan Ursu, project manager on behalf of IFIN HH  presented  the RI2Integrate Project objectives, main activities and deliverables, responsibilities of Romanian partners, actual status and achievements, project team and its responsibilities. It was underlined that RI2Integrate is not a research project but rather a science management project.

Mircea Sbarna, deputy manager IFIN HH, presented  Work package 3 – development of infrastructure  and a survey of IFIN-HH questionnaires on obstacles in working together with research centres, SMEs, NGOs and Intermediaries.

Survey of MHTC Conclusions from questionnaires about working together research centres, SMEs, NGOs and Intermediaries was presented by Dragos Seuleanu, project manager.

During the open discussions on the needs of guidelines for public procurement of innovation based on the embeddedness obstacles presented in the filled questionnaires by the 4 interest groups the following ideas and proposals were done:

1. The obstacles mentioned by the respondents were confirmed;

2. The need to attract and involve in the drafting recommendations for Public Procurement of Innovation experts from Public Procurement Agency and  the Court of Accounts;

3. Prosecutors should be aware of the specificity of public procurement of innovation and a presentation of the aims and this specificities in this field should be taken in the consideration before adopting the final recommendations;

4. Public procurement rules of CERN should be used as an inspiration source;

5.The Digital Agency of Romania has some useful experience in the field and this should be taken in consideration even by inviting a member of this entity as a member in our National Experts Group;

6. European Commission, who promoted the idea of Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI), should be consulted;

7. The academic and business communities as well as government, local authorities, NGOs and other public actors should become aware of the need for public procurement of innovation guidelines and in this respect the aims of RI2Integrate project as well as the potential recommendations should be presented in many events as for instance fairs, TT workshops, etc.

8. A work methodology and clear responsibilities for the members of NEG should be drafted, discussed and approved;

9. NEG will welcome and encourage all initiatives in ensuring awareness and promotion of PPI among decision makers.

10. In the process of elaborating the guidelines it will be useful to take into consideration other projects and to use the project synergy in the matter.

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