Facilitating EU transnational tourism flows for seniors and young people in the low and medium seasons

6 years ago  By  Iuliana Velniciuc     No comments

The main aim of this call is to strengthen competitiveness of the European tourism sector by encouraging the extension of the tourism season and by increasing internal mobility of seniors and young people.

The general objectives are to:

  1. Support the extension of the tourism season, hence contributing to improve SME’s competitiveness and jobs growth;
  2. Foster transnational cooperation among the widest possible number of actors along the tourism value chain;
  3. Facilitate European public-private partnerships.
  4. Foster seniors and young people wider sense of European citizenship through increased intra-EU mobility.

Grant agreement, max. 75% co-funding rate.  Deadline: 15.01.2015 17:00 hour. More information here


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