Emperor-Maximilian-Prize 2021″Facing challenges together –for a stronger Europe”

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Dear Sir or Madam,

We believe that especially in such challenging times, it is essential to focus on the achievements of our united Europe and to strengthen and preserve the free and peaceful coexistence of European people and cultures for future generations. Over the past months,we have witnessed how the COVID-19 pandemic has decisively shaped and change dourworld. Many of our amenities, like the unlimited access to public, social and cultural institutions, or the freedom of unrestricted travel, are now constrained and no longer a matter of course.

TheEmperor-Maximilian-Prize of the City of Innsbruck and theRegion of the Tyrol offers the opportunity to present and honour projects and initiatives from all areas of life that actively put European cohesion in to practice through their actions and work. We are looking for pioneering projects that stand for European cooperation beyond local,regional and national borders. The earmarked prize money of € 10,000 aims to support and honour the projects, but shall also serve as incentive for further concepts. Applications for the prize can be submitted at www.emperormaximilianprize.at until January 31, 2021, using the application form in German, English or French. In March 2021, the winner of all entries will be selected by an expert jury composed of representatives of the City of Innsbruck, the Region of the Tyrol, the University of Innsbruck, theEuropean Committee of the Regions, the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, the Assembly of European Regions, as well as the Council of European Municipalities and Regions. For more details on the Emperor-Maximilian-Prize please see the information we have attached or go to our website.

Of course, it is our goal to draw the attention of as many suitable initiatives and projects as possible to the Emperor-Maximilian-Prize 2021 and we would highly appreciate if you could support us by forwarding our call for applications to potentially interested applicants. We hope to receive numerous exciting submissions and look forward to honouring and presenting the winning project at the award ceremony which will be held in Innsbruck in autumn 2021.

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