CROMAFOR SRL Craiova, has as main objective the execution of drilling. Company has specialized personnel: drillers, drilling foreman, Hydro geologist, taken from Enterprise for prospecting and exploration Oltenia, with the highest level of personal preparation, with which the works are of good quality and fitness for purpose for which they were executed. We have a base of maintenance and repair of equipment and storage of materials used in drilling activity (pearl gravel, bentonite, drill pipes, PE pipe, etc.), with an area of ​​1500 square meters. The equipment supplied (drilling rigs, compressors, pumps, submersible pumps, personal transport and freight cars, caravans bedroom, etc.) allow the execution of boreholes with depths between 20 to 300 m and diameters up to 444.5 mm digging and ensure quality and continuity of the work. The base material and the training of employees resulting in the construction of wells annually representing 120-150 pieces = 7000-8000 ml.

Services or products offered by CROMAFOR SRL – CRAIOVA

- geology;

-hidrogeologice: research for groundwater research for coal and minerals

- water supply for small, medium and deep: from 20 to 300m

- the hidroobservatii;

- geotechnical;

- pilots;

- heat pumps (geothermal);

Contact data

- Contact person: Marius Croitorescu, manager

- Full address: 26 Campia Islaz str., Craiova, Dolj County

- Phone: +40 351.451-912

- Fax: +40.351.451.912

- Email contact:

- website: