Stakeholders meeting for RI2 Integrate project

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IFIN-HH, together with MHTC and Ilfov County Council, partners in RI2Integrate project, organized a project stakeholder meeting on 2-nd of October 2018, at National Physics Library in Magurele. The aim of the meeting was to present the status of the RI2Integrate project regarding the state-of-the art of the science and technology parks in the Danube Region and the roadmap for setting-up a science and technology park developed within the project as well as the implementation status of the Science Park in Magurele.

On the basis of data delivered by project partners in Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia collection and systematization of data on related science park initiatives was carried out. The stakeholders were informed on the main features of the Research Infrastructures related science parks in these countries as for instance vision, mission, service offer, access criteria, main results and their impact on the local business ecosystems.

Information delivered on the Roadmap which was aimed to provide a guide for creating a science and technology park included steps and activities needed to ensure the best conditions for the complex process of conception, planning, setting up, operation, management, monitoring and permanent improving as well as the main actions to be developed in this respect.

The 19 participant  stakeholders focused their discussions on issues regarding the status and future development of Magurele Science Park and the possibilities to take over the best practices existing in The Danube Region and beyond it and the IASP experience as it was reflected in the roadmap.

It was agreed that a new meeting will take place in November this year for discussing the Science Park Action Plan, currently under preparation.

Here you can see a foto gallery from the meeting:

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